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Solar thermal products are expected to be used over 20years, solar collectors are installed outdoors, it is critical to design the robust and durable structure and ensure optimal performance over the long term. CIB SOLAR holds over 25years experience, aims to provide you not only the high quality products, but also the technology and/or engineering service.


CIB Solar’s collector--- maximize your energy saving


The collector is made of black anodized aluminum extrusion and highly efficient evacuated tubes with thicker borosilicate glass, the selective coating shows no more than 5% decrease after worded for 25years.


The collector is easy to connect with your existing fossil fuel heating system for domestic hot water and space heating system.


Solution Provider

CIB Solar is anxious to share design, engineering experience on commercial solar heating systems, including but not confined in commercial hot water and space heating system for hospital, school, hotel, swimming pool etc, combination with absorption chiller to provide solar cooling.

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